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    Check again — Florida man's $1,000 winning ticket was actually worth $1 million
    Posted on Thursday October 29, 2020

    Colorado police arrest thief who stole lottery tickets on two separate occasions
    Posted on Wednesday October 28, 2020

    Delaware Lottery celebrates its 45th year in operation
    Posted on Tuesday October 27, 2020

    Michigan man wins two $1 million lottery prizes in one day
    Posted on Monday October 26, 2020

    Nebraska man wins second scratch-off lottery jackpot this year
    Posted on Friday October 23, 2020

    N.C. man rewards friend with new car in return for lucky winning lottery numbers
    Posted on Thursday October 22, 2020

    Canadian player splits jackpot with himself after buying two identical lottery tickets
    Posted on Wednesday October 21, 2020

    Ohio man accused of killing lottery winner found not guilty
    Posted on Tuesday October 20, 2020

    World Lottery Association unanimously re-elects Tennessee Lottery CEO as President
    Posted on Friday October 16, 2020

    Ontario Lottery announces new President and CEO
    Posted on Friday October 16, 2020

    Texas sheriff who won $85 million lottery jackpot arrested for tampering with video evidence
    Posted on Thursday October 15, 2020

    Calif. man who spent $60K on lottery tickets wins $6 million jackpot
    Posted on Tuesday October 13, 2020

    PA man ordered to give former girlfriend half of $100,000 lottery prize
    Posted on Monday October 12, 2020

    Top prizes missing from Ireland Lottery games blamed on 'human error'
    Posted on Thursday October 08, 2020

    Florida Lottery to update Lotto game
    Posted on Tuesday October 06, 2020

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