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Welcome to LottoExact!

The free LottoExact Online Random Lottery Selector offers one of the most sophisticated lotto number generators anywhere. And, did we mention, it is completely free!

Our online lottery number selector is also available 24/7 and works with all major state-run or private lottos and for all lottery types.

No need anymore to buy expensive software that may or may not work on your computer ... our state-of-the-art generator is guaranteed to perform flawlessly. And, unlike bloated PC software, it will also never have to be upgraded, reinstalled or expire.

What's even better, you can save your lotto preferences for future use! And there is no limit to the number of configurations that can be saved. Any number of lines (entries) can be made, up to a limit of thirty.

So, what are you waiting for? Generate some numbers now!

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